What are the Different Types of Web Hosting Services?

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The problem with online business is the need to have a website, and that website needs to be hosted on some hosting server to increase your sales and automate the email marketing process.

The rich people are aware of this problem. 

Especially those, who travel a lot and are dependent on excessive usage of their laptop and smartphones as their mobile office. 

So, as an online partner of Bigscoots Webhosting service, we will prove how it is the world’s best hosting service.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the topic, “What are the Different Types of Web Hosting Services?

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What are the Different Types of Web Hosting Services?

Shared Web Hosting

WordPress Optimised Web Hosting

Managed VPS Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

First, it’s essential to know exactly what you’re getting.

Cheaper hosting plans typically fall into the category of shared hosting, which, exactly as the name suggests, is all about you sharing your resources with many others on the server.

This also allows you to share the cost, making it an excellent starting place for many new websites whose primary concern is keeping expenses as low as possible. 

However, the apparent issue of sharing your resources with others is that other users’ dependencies restrict you and, therefore, cannot take full control over your hosting environment.

However, BigScoots shared web hosting is fast, secure, feature-rich, affordable, and managed around the clock by the best hands-on support crew in web hosting today. 

Whether you want to host a small WordPress or e-commerce website or simply search for something you can count on for your recent blog, managed shared web hosting at BigScoots is built for you.

Performance and Reliability

Our shared web hosting uses only current generation enterprise-grade hardware and is always undersold. 

This means that you’re guaranteed room to grow, won’t have to worry about “noisy neighbours” affecting your website performance, and can rest easy knowing that you’re backed up and proactively monitored.

Fully Managed Shared Web Hosting

Everything we do here at BigScoots is fully managed, and that includes our shared web hosting.

We will handle migrations and installations, offer expert recommendations, fix broken plugins, set up emails and SSLs while ensuring your websites are totally optimized and running smoothly.

Flexibility and Control

We use the industry-leading control panel, cPanel, on all of our shared hosting plans to help deliver you total flexibility and complete control over your website. 

As a fully managed service, anytime you may require assistance along the way, we’ll always be here and happy to help.

WordPress Optimised (WPO) Web Hosting (Fully Managed)

What is a Fully Managed WordPress Web Hosting?

According to w3techs, WordPress accounts for 60% of all the Content Management Systems in the world. 

So, deciding to leverage WordPress and its flexibility is often the right decision, one that many millions of people make every day.

At BigScoots, our WordPress Optimized Starter and Professional plans are both dedicated virtual environments, and their Business and Enterprise plans are entirely dedicated servers, dedicated exclusively to you and your WordPress website(s).

What are the Different Types of Web Hosting Services?

This means that, unlike many other web hosts, we are given the flexibility with our industry-leading management along with a little extra time and attention to build and customize your hosting environment specifically for your unique WordPress website and its demands.

But without full control over your WordPress hosting environment, which BigScoots customizes and optimizes specifically for you and your WordPress site, you will never be able to achieve the scalability, reliability, and performance a BigScoots Fully Managed WordPress Hosting service would be able to.

Most Managed WordPress hosting services claim to provide you with a wholly optimized WordPress environment. 

It’s essential and improves your load times if it’s done correctly, but what exactly does it mean to be completely optimized, and how does BigScoots do it any better?

It’s a question they get asked regularly, especially when users are new to everything WordPress has to offer or if a more experienced user is looking to get serious about their load times and security.

Let’s discuss a few of the optimizations BigScoots does for all their clients and go into a bit more detail about why they’re able to guarantee every single WordPress website a faster load time with their Fully Managed WordPress Hosting plans, no matter which host you’re coming from.

Fully Managed by Real WordPress Experts

The most important part of finding serious optimization for your WordPress site is to find real WordPress experts you can trust and count on around the clock.

You don’t need more support representatives, you need better support representatives, and that’s exactly what they deliver here at BigScoots.

All of their experts are professionally trained and formally educated and know WordPress inside and out.What are the Different Types of Web Hosting Services?BigScoots has been offering full management across all of their services since the day they started out a few years ago, covering the basic through to the incredibly complex, digging deep into WordPress every step of the way.

They’re able to leverage this systematic expertise of system administration to build custom scripts, proactive monitoring tools, and optimization techniques not being touched by the “other Webhosting companies” to deliver a WordPress environment that is completely optimized for your specific site.

This same advanced level of expertise allows them to manage third party plugins, work with developers directly to work through issues with the code itself, and track running processes to secure, diagnose, optimize, and squeeze those extra performance points out of your WordPress site.

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WordPress Optimized Servers

No matter if you’re starting a brand-new hobbyist’s blog, running a corporate site or a mega-blog with millions of visitors, all WordPress sites rely heavily on the performance and optimization of the server hardware they are built on.

Many clients of ours before landing on their Fully Managed WordPress plans found themselves struggling with plugins not playing nice with each other, plugins being poorly coded, or having issues with third-party ads and other content creation plugins.

These types of issues can drain all of your available CPU and memory which can in some cases cause just a single plugin to take down your entire site.

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In addition to proactively monitoring for this type of resource activity and catching it before it gets that far, at BigScoots their WordPress optimized server environments are so much more efficient due to the hundreds of WordPress specific rules they have in place, that the same types of resource issues experienced at other hosts, in most cases are immediately resolved during the initial migration due to their servers being far more optimized for WordPress.

Managed VPS Hosting

A BigScoots Fully Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the ideal scalable solution giving you complete control over your own isolated and superbly optimized web hosting environment as well as significant amounts of added performance and reliability.

Being fully managed by an industry-leading management team you know by name, who is always available, and above all, you trust to make the right decisions to power your business means you can finally rest easy.

Real Fully Managed VPS Hosting

BigScoots fully managed VPS hosting is exactly that, real and complete full management of your entire VPS by a team you know by name and who are passionate about your success.

We’ll handle everything the other guys can’t, and you don’t want to worry about such as guaranteeing a seamless initial migration, ongoing optimizations, third-party software or plugin issue, proactive monitoring, backups, ongoing security enhancements and so much more.

Dedicated Resources on Demand

Being hosted on virtual, scalable, expertly optimized and proactively monitored resources means that our management team will mould your hosting environment to your ever-evolving website’s requirements and catch resource issues before they become impactful.

You can be confident that seamlessly upgrading (or downgrading) without interruption is always just a click away.

Performance, Reliability, and Security

Having your own dedicated set of virtual resources means you are no longer bound by your neighbour’s requirements and your hosting environment can now be completely optimized for just you and your website(s).

This means significantly fewer security risks, more flexibility, and better resource management as well as enhanced long-term performance and reliability.

Reseller Web Hosting

BigScoots reseller web hosting is built for multiple sites looking for added security, performance, and reliability as well as for building your own hosting business!

A reseller account allows you to separate websites into their own cPanels which means more resources and enhanced security for each website you’re hosting with us, while at the same time giving you the option to resell with help from your own easy, automated billing portal.

Performance and Reliability

Our reseller web hosting uses only current generation enterprise-grade hardware and is always undersold.

This means that you’re guaranteed room to grow, won’t have to worry about “noisy neighbours” affecting your or your client’s website’s performance, and can rest easy knowing that you’re always backed up and proactively monitored.

Resell with Confidence

We’re known for our managed reseller hosting because we seriously invest ourselves in our client’s success.

We offer the same goodies any other good reseller host does, but what makes us different is our management.

We’re invisible but always here, invested, and excited to offer industry knowledge, hands-on support and completely change the way you do business.

Improved Security and Optimization

Managed reseller hosting delivers significantly fewer security risks, more flexibility, and better resource management than shared hosting.

By completely separating each website into its own cPanel account, you’re able to regulate and ensure there are always enough resources to go around while also severely limiting security vulnerabilities.

Dedicated Servers

A Fully Managed Dedicated Server will distribute 100% of its resources to power just your websites and applications, unlike shared, virtual or cloud environments where the server’s resources are split among other users.

All BigScoots fully managed dedicated servers are custom built and with our free expert advice you’ll choose the right storage, performance, and backup options to meet your demands now and in the future.

100% Owned and Operated by BigScoots

We fully own and operate 100% of our dedicated server hardware, including the supporting enterprise-grade networking, power, and security hardware.

What are the Different Types of Web Hosting Services?

This means that from start to finish, and top to bottom, BigScoots has total and complete control over every single piece of your service.

This translates into incredibly efficient and accurate support that you can always count on, no matter the time of day or complexity.

Real Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

BigScoots fully managed dedicated server hosting is exactly that, real and complete full management of your entire dedicated server by a team you know by name and who are passionate about your success.

We’ll handle everything the other guys can’t, and you don’t want to worry about such as guaranteeing a seamless initial migration, ongoing optimizations, third-party software or plugin issue, proactive monitoring of the network and hardware, backups, ongoing security enhancements and so much more.

Always Current Generation Hardware

Our fully managed dedicated servers are always built using current generation hardware.

With large performance and reliability benefits coming out of every new generation of hardware, this means that you can expect nothing but the absolute best from your server.

Answering Some More Queries

What are the Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting?

Real Managed WordPress HostingWhether you are running a small blog or looking to scale out a sophisticated corporate site, we offer the fastest Managed WordPress Hosting plans on the web today, period.

We customize, optimize, and redefine performance, security, and scalability by stripping away all unnecessary bulk you no longer need with the completely hands-on, personable, and around-the-clock management we’re known for.

What are the Different Types of Web Hosting Services?The result? You’re getting a fully Managed WordPress Hosting environment that is built for speed.

Ongoing Optimization. Without having to be asked the “correct” questions, we will routinely look for and identify areas of improvement.

Websites evolve and available solutions change, it is critically important your WordPress environment receives ongoing optimizations to ensure you’re squeezing out every bit of performance possible.

Serious CustomizationThe only way to guarantee that your website has the best scaling, performing, and reliable WordPress environment is to customize your own.

We remove unnecessary resource consumers and introduce and configure custom scripts and innovative software to deliver you an environment you can count on.

Proactive Monitoring. With a series of custom uptime, resource usage, security, spam, and outage scripts we identify potential issues and monitor your WordPress websites from multiple locations around the world to ensure they are not only up, but also performing as optimally as possible 24/7.

Enhanced SecurityWith every WordPress install we deploy enhanced brute force protection, a custom firewall solution, spam filtering and malware scanning as well as network-wide DDoS protection.

Our Fully Managed WordPress Hosting solutions ensure that your site is not only blazing fast but is also always secure.

Backups. When you’re running a website and your income depends on it, it is critically important to know your data is regularly backed up, and those backups can be counted on.

At BigScoots, our redundant dedicated backup appliances, which are located off-network, backup all your data every single day.

WordPress Bugs & Updates. WordPress is a multi-purpose content management system that can be adapted to any kind of website you desire, which is typically done through plugins.

They are updated frequently to include new features and prevent exploitation bugs, which can introduce new and unwanted bugs at the same time.

With a managed WordPress plan, we assist with your plugin management and ensure that any nasty plugins causing you issues are quickly addressed.

24/7 Tech Support & Bug Fixes. As fantastic as WordPress is, it is extremely rare to never run into any upgrade issues, plugin conflicts, or bugs of all kinds.

That’s where BigScoots really shines.

Having a fully managed WordPress plan with us means your issues get real WordPress experts not just responding to you, but resolving your issues, normally within 5 minutes.

Optimized WordPress Hosting?

Not all servers are built and maintained with just you in mind.

By optimizing on both the hardware and software level, at BigScoots we adjust hundreds of variables to find your absolutely optimal WordPress configuration.

Proactive Monitoring. Hackers loom around every corner and look to exploit out-of-date plugins and penetrate any WordPress installation they can.

By proactively monitoring your website(s), we’re able to detect issues and resolve major problems, oftentimes before you even know there is an issue.

Benefits of Managed WordPress

What are the Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting?

Price. No matter if you’re a WordPress veteran or brand new to all WordPress has to offer, our industry-leading management and WordPress hosting experience can always be called on to further improve any WordPress site (guaranteed!).

These improvements are however very manually intensive and therefore demand a higher price point.

Restriction to WordPress Only. Since these environments are specifically designed and optimized for WordPress, it is not advised to host other platforms, other than WordPress on them as that would take away from some of the optimization we’ve done.

We do however have many clients who choose to host their WordPress site(s) on our managed WordPress plans while hosting their non-WordPress sites on a combination of our other services.

The TakeawayNo matter if you’re new to hosting and you’re looking to set up your first blog, or if you’re a seasoned developer, our Managed WordPress hosting plans have something serious to offer you.

The added security, reliability, scalability, and performance our BigScoots WordPress Managed Hosting Plans brings to every single one of our clients, means you’ll be paying a little extra for the fastest, most secure, and reliable WordPress hosting environment out there.

Look for yourself at just how significant the load time improvements for our clients really are here

What are the Differences Between Shared Hosting & Managed WordPress Hosting?

Their managed WordPress services are built very specifically with WordPress in mind from the ground up which means they deliver seriously improved load times and drastically elevated management as a result when compared against any provider we’ve ever tested against (some more than others).
Each WP plan is built on its own dedicated (virtual or physical) environment which allows us to completely optimize your individual WP environment with just your site in mind.

While the dedicated environment is important for leveraging things like Nginx and Redis which help optimize and speed up your site, more importantly, and what really sets us apart from our competitors, is our hands-on management.

On their Managed WordPress plans they proactively dig deep into issues other providers tend not to touch such as stuck PHP processes, database inefficiencies, plugin conflicts, ongoing optimizations, security hardening, and much more.

With ~30 proactive monitors in place, they actively seek out and work to prevent issues before they impact you or your visitors.

Shared Hosting on the other hand is exactly that.

You are sharing your resources with others on the server which is a wonderful way to reduce your overall cost but will, unfortunately, be unable to achieve the same level of performance or hands-on management.

What are the limitations of Resources in Shared Hosting?

It is no secret that shared hosting can cause slowdowns and throttling. Why?

Simply put, because of how the platform and technology are designed.

Servers that are built for shared hosting are tuned to share all resources, fairly, among all users on the server, hence the name, shared hosting.


To prevent any resource abuse, there need to be limits on consumption, and those limits need to be carefully managed.

This is done so that the resource utilization of one user doesn’t come at a cost of other users on the same server.

As a shared hosting customer with a growing website, it’s possible you can be throttled, likewise, if these limits are not managed properly by a host, another user’s over-utilization can affect you detrimentally.

With our Fully Managed WordPress plans, services are built with a promise of complete isolation.

Site owners never need to worry about how they may be consuming an irregular or “unfair” amount of CPU, memory or IO.

While these resources are throttled in shared hosting for the greater good, they are virtually unlimited in our managed WordPress plans.

Your (virtually or physically) dedicated managed WordPress plan is designed to handle many thousands of concurrent users.

When your site is receiving a sudden surge of traffic from viral content or a seasonal advertising effort or irregular resource consumption due to a security vulnerability or plugin conflict, your site will not feel the effects.

Other Features

Suspension and Overages

Growth is everyone’s goal, but what happens if you outgrow your plan and require additional resources?

Every hosting provider has its own policies in place with how they handle the over-utilization of resources.

Suspension, overage fees, and unnecessary upgrades are common practices.

What are the Different Types of Web Hosting Services?
At BigScoots, we’re different.

We care about having your back, and that means giving you the ability to remain laser-focused on your site without having to worry about your hosting.

With our managed WordPress plans this means that we never suspend your services or charge any overages.

To ensure your site has the resources it needs to continue functioning properly, you’ll simply receive a notification from us that you may need to consider upgrading your plan if it continues.

With our Shared services, unfortunately exceeding your fair share of resources may result in being throttled if it means preventing you from negatively affecting other users.

Our Offer

If you buy services from BigScoots services from our affiliate link mentioned below, then we will give you a cashback of US$ 5 through PayPal, if you share the purchase proof to

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