MeetEdgar: Best Social Media Automation Tool?

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MeetEdgar: Best Social Media Automation Tool?


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Without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the topic, “MeetEdgar: Best Social Media Automation Tool?”.

How was Our Experience with MeetEdgar?

We had taken the Annual Subscription of MeetEdgar with effect from 14 March 2019 for the duration of one year. So, it was valid up to 14 March 2020.

We had an excellent experience with these MeetEdgars’s services, as everything on our Social Media Platforms was on AUTOPILOT!

All our problems were solved within 1 hour flat!

During the COVID-19 phase with effect from January 2020, our online sales dropped off drastically.

We landed in a situation when we were not capable to pay MeetEdgar’s monthly charges of US $ 30 per month. 

Our charging cycle was from the 14th of every month.

Firstly, we requested MeetEdgar to allow us to pay monthly with effect from 14 March 2020, during the expiration of our old contract. As payment of US, $ 360 was impossible for us then.

After using it for more than one month, on 04 May 2020, we realized that we won’t be able to even pay MeetEdgar’s monthly charges of US $ 30, scheduled on 14 May 2020.

Upon sheer realization, we forwarded an email to MeetEdgar’s customer support, requesting them to stop the deduction of US $ 30 with effect from 14 May 2020, till our financial condition improves, as our bank account had dried up due to Economic Slowdown due to the COVID-19.

We were just expecting MeetEdgar to stop charging the monthly payment with effect from 14 May 2020.

Guess what!

MeetEdgar refunded our US $ 30 which we paid on 14 April 2020!!!!

We were so surprised, that how can MeetEdgar refund our money for April to May 2020, when we had utilized their services from 14 April 2020 to 04 May 2020…

We shot back an email to MeetEdgar, asking them if they had committed some sort of “Mistake”… As they were supposed to stop the payment deduction with effect from 14 May 2020 and NOT refund the payment paid on 14 April 2020, even after us using their services from 14 April to 04 May 2020.

The same day we got an amazing reply from MeetEdgar, confirming that it was their conscious decision by the esteemed company to refund the money paid for the duration from 14 April to 14 May 2020, as they recognized the Global Economic Slowdown and understand the problems being faced by their customers.

Tears just rolled down our eyes, as we had never ever come across any company’s policy, where they decide to refund the whole month’s charges, even after customers already used up 20 out of 30 days of a particular month.

We just decided to promote this great social media automation software by MeetEdgar ourselves and now we are affiliate marketing partners of MeetEdgar.

Social Media Automation can be Intimidating…

…especially if you’re already feeling overwhelmed by all the updates and interactions you have to do – across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram etc – does it ever end?

Promoting yourself and your content on social media can be ridiculously overwhelming… if you don’t have the right tools in your arsenal.

The trick to managing it all without losing your mind is automation – which means getting a good scheduling tool to help do the job.

Here’s why it matters, and what you can expect.

Social Media Automation Tools get things DONE.

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat… using an automation tool doesn’t mean that your social media is in anyone’s hands, but your own.

Automation doesn’t mean that some robot in a warehouse is writing and publishing your updates, or that you’re outsourcing your work to some sort of content farm, or that things are getting posted without your knowledge and approval.

Social media automation tools simply allow you to upload your status updates in advance, set the times that they’re going to publish, and move on with your life.

When you update all your social networks on the fly, things slip through the cracks. Typos and bad links, for example.

You don’t really get to go back and edit, and strategically, you may not be able to see how every update fit into your style — its tone, its purpose, its message.

Sometimes, you may even post things that you regret later.

When You Schedule Your Posts in Advance…

When you schedule things in advance, you buy yourself the time you need to do it right.

You can see what works and repeat your successes.

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter, give you free access to tons of useful audience and performance statistics – information about click-throughs from your status updates, for example, or when your followers are online. 

When you pay attention to data like this, you can schedule your updates smarter, and over time you can get a clear sense of what works and what doesn’t.

This is just another reason that a good social media tool is so important – after all, you may not always be at a computer during peak posting hours for your business.

And it’s a lot easier to let a scheduling tool make sure your posts go out at the right times than it is to organize your whole schedule around tweeting at the right time.

Why Should You Automate?

The idea of social media automation can sound scary, or even a little reckless. 

Isn’t social media all about the immediate, authentic human connection?

Well, here’s the secret: automation gives you time to do more of that.

When you automate your social media, you still have complete control over everything.

You’re simply scheduling the publishing of each post, and nothing more.

This means that when you DO spend time on social media, you can maximize your authentic human interactions because everything else is already handled.

For Example…

Say you’re going to do three updates a day, five days a week. That would add up to 15 updates a week.

With four weeks in a month, that’s 60 total updates per month.

And if you think of your social content in categories (Funny, Inspirational, Facts About Beyonce, etc) you only need 10 updates per category, per month.

Doesn’t sound so tough, does it?

You could produce your 10 Facts About Beyonce right now.

You can easily sit down once a month and write those out in advance.

Over time, it will become increasingly apparent which types of updates resonate the most with your specific audience, and you can adjust.

You’ll see what your audience likes the best, and you can adjust your social media strategy as you go.

The important thing is to start keeping track of those things now, so you can make those adjustments whenever you need to.

And remember, when you’re playing the percentages game, you’re figuring things out monthly, not a daily one!

Reusing Your Content Is Good.

You know that recycling is good for the environment — well it’s good for your social media scheduling strategy, too!

You can reuse your status updates as time goes on, making it significantly easier to maintain a consistent social presence.

Heck, that’s what MeetEdgar is designed to do!

“But… but what if someone sees something that I’ve already posted in the past?”

You ask, “I don’t want to annoy my followers! I don’t want to be spammy.”

Well, here’s what happens when someone sees something you’ve already posted: nothing. Absolutely nothing!

We get really, really worried about insignificant things like this, like posting the same inspirational quote that we posted three months ago, and somebody seeing it for the second time.

But that’s not going to make anyone think less of you or your business!

You post the things you post because they mean something to you, and that makes them worth repeating from time to time.

And remember, you may be seeing every single status update that gets posted, but your audience isn’t. 

Most people sign on to social media and see what’s in their newsfeed at that time — they aren’t digging through your archives and poring over every update.

So, the odds that someone will notice a repeat are slim — and if they do notice, they aren’t likely to care. (Unless you’re posting the same thing five times a week because that would be pretty darn annoying.)

In general, you don’t want to post the exact same content more than once every two months or so.

But that depends on you and your style, too — there are some people who post the same morning affirmation every day, or the same signoff every Friday afternoon, and it works quite well for them.

Trial and error are going to be your new best friend when it comes to things like that, but in general, two months gives you enough time so that people in your audience won’t feel like they’re seeing the same thing repeatedly.

Just Don’t Go Overboard!

Instead of just automating their updates, some people try to automate their interactions, too — and that’s when things get weird.

The same automated reply goes out to everyone who mentions your company name on Twitter.

Someone on your team posts messages and replies under your name without you knowing. 

Inauthenticity starts to creep in, and when it does, people notice — and it doesn’t look great.

You can automate how the message gets delivered, but when it comes to the message itself, you should always have a direct hand in it, whether you’re reviewing a post that someone else wrote or responding one-on-one to a customer.

Same with reusing content – if you post the same things over and over (and don’t give yourself that 2-month window) you risk boring your audience!

But even if you re-post content only twice a year, you still need to make your status updates as evergreen as possible.

That means they need to ring true at any time of day, any time of year — otherwise, you’re going to have to rigidly police your schedule and make sure that things aren’t getting posted at inappropriate times.

That goes for subtle things, too.

For example, you could write an update that says, “Today is the best day of the year,” but what if it gets posted on the day of a natural disaster or the premature death of a celebrity musician?

You wouldn’t find anyone agreeing with you.

Of course, you can’t predict everything.

You don’t know who’s going to die, or when a tsunami is going to strike.

So, while you should be aware of possibilities like that — however remote they maybe — don’t stress about them.

Automation becomes inauthentic when you pretend to be somewhere you’re not, so ask yourself, “Would this update make sense at any time on any day?”

Automating your social media schedule and recycling your content are two big ways to save time while embracing a more efficient social strategy. Just be sure to remain authentic, and you’ll be well on your way to success!

What Does “Social Media Automation” Mean, Exactly?

Social media automation is simply a method of using a tool like MeetEdgar to upload status updates en masse and schedule them for posting in advance.

Instead of setting aside time multiple times per day for writing and posting live updates, you add them to your tool of choice, which then posts them automatically.

Automation is NOT, however, an alternative to live engagement altogether.

It’s still your responsibility to check in on social – to see what your followers are saying, to respond to their comments, and to participate in real-time conversations.

Think of automation not as autopilot, but as cruise control – it takes care of the daily busywork, which gives you the freedom to concentrate on the things that really matter.

Why is MeetEdgar the Best Social Media Automation Tool?

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MeetEdgar Features & Benefits

Social Media Automation and Scheduling

MeetEdgar takes your social media stress and turns it into social media success with features designed to remove the time-intensive parts of managing the content on all of your networks.

MeetEdgar automates content for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.


MeetEdgar can write your posts for you — seriously.

MeetEdgar automatically finds a quote-worthy text from articles or blogs – all you have to do is click a button and share.

It’s practically magic!

Generate Posts Using Our Browser Extension

Reading a great article that you want to publish on social?

Use our Chrome Extension (or Safari/Firefox Bookmarklet) to automatically generate up to 5 pre-written social media posts directly from the article!

Category-Based Scheduling

Take your content and easily sort it into colour-coded categories like “Blog Posts,” or “Cute Animals.”

Create a custom category-based schedule like Blog Posts on Tuesdays and Cute Animals on Fridays!

Continuous Posting

MeetEdgar continues to publish and reshare content, even once you reach the end of your queue.

Twitter has their own set of rules around this, so we created Variations to help you reshare content on Twitter.

Social Media Content – Unlimited Content Library

Add as much as you like – MeetEdgar’s auto-scheduler pulls right from your library.

Shuffle and pause at will!

Other social schedulers delete your posts once they’re posted – Edgar saves them forever.

Automatically Upload and Edit

Create a library of updates from almost any source, as RSS feeds from your favourite sites and podcasts, including YouTube.

Try our handy browser extension to add content straight from your browser.

Native Photo and Video Support

Post videos to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Add photos—single or multi-image posts—too!

Support Evergreen and Time-Sensitive Content

Got limited or one-time promos?

Set any post to Use Once or give it an expiration date.

Management Features

  • A/B Test Social Messaging With variation analytics and click data, you can test different messages to see which ones resonate and drive traffic back to your site.
  • Weekly Email Update Each week, receive a report in your inbox with your social stats. The report includes follower count, clicks, and more!
  • Shorten and Track Links Edgar’s exclusive link shortener,, requires no setup! Get analytics to understand how your social media channels drive traffic to your site without posting a link with a million characters. Edgar offers UTM tags and integrates with Rebrandly and Bitly, too!

Human Support

Talk to Real People

  • Their support team is online Monday through Friday from 8-5 PM EST via email.
  • Can’t find what you’re looking for in our library of easy-to-follow help docs? Don’t fret!
  • Their world-class support team is ready!

Live Office Hours with an Edgar Coach

Again, we aren’t a company of bots. And our real people are here to help you set up your account so you can put your social media on auto-pilot and get back to your day. 

What will you get in a bonus? As all plans include:-

✔️7 Days no commitment-free trial. During this trial period, you will get hands-on experience.

✔️Automation for Facebook (Pages + Groups), TwitterLinkedIn (Profile + Company Pages), and Instagram (via our iOS/Android apps).

✔️Unlimited content library.

✔️Suggested Variations and other content creation tools.

✔️Unlimited RSS feeds to automatically import your newest blog, YouTube, or podcast content.

✔️ The best support in the biz from our non-octopus customer happiness team.

✔️ Premium social media courses, live office hours, content batching parties, and user-only webinars.

✔️People from the Armed Forces fraternity, from any country, are entitled to a discount of 40% of all charges. After buying a subscription, you just need to contact customer support with proofs. They will refund you the 40% paid amount.

✔️If you are not happy with the services and would like to stop the payment from that moment, then no worries at all…


Just shoot one mail to our customer services officer.

All your issues will be solved.

Save your precious time to do more important things in your business than to restrict yourself to repeated mundane jobs!

Life is short! Time is too precious and irreplaceable.

Don’t waste it!

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